Jeremiah Scavo is an award winning video producer and a social media marketer. He started his career in 2005 as a photojournalist at KCCI-8 News, the local CBS affiliate in Des Moines, Iowa. For roughly seven years he chased news and won numerous awards including an Emmy®. In 2012 he won the Iowa Broadcast News Association’s best photography award. His time in journalism profoundly impacted the way he hears and helps tell a person’s story. It taught him the importance of empathy in telling a story.

In 2013 he departed from the world of journalism to begin a content marketing career at Two Rivers Marketing in Des Moines. For five years Jeremiah traveled all over the United States including international travel to Canada and Europe. He produced video content for some of the largest brands in the industrial, agricultural, and manufacturing fields. This experience added to his perspective on life having had to opportunity to see so much of the world.

In 2018 he decided it was time to grow again and started Prog Media. Prog Media is a video production and marketing agency set out to help brands build a social presence and relationship with customers through social media marketing.

Jeremiah has a servant attitude with almost too much of a “give the shirt off his back” mindset. His philosophy when working with clients is that they are the boss and his job is to execute their agenda while providing professional consultation. He can be creative when it is needed and he can execute exactly what has been asked when needed. Any client will find working with him to feel extremely easy. His favorite moment is when he knows the brand well enough that the client just assumes “it” will get taken care of by him. Whatever “it” might end up being.


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